We are a trading company steeped in tradition, but we do not do things as they have “always been done”, but in a way that is right for our customers.


We are a large trading company and a Hanseatic family business. We are all united by the passion to develop our company, to always adapt our actions to the continually changing markets and to the needs of our customers, the economic and political situation in the countries of origin and so much more. It is with passion that we enable progress, solidarity and win-win situations for our customers and ourselves.


Of course, not everything goes to plan in international trade. Playing down problems does not allow us to achieve our objectives, that is why we keep our promises and discuss problems in an open and honest manner, to find mutually acceptable solutions together with our customers.


We provide almost 100-years’ experience in the natural fibres industry. Our customers not only consider us as suppliers, they also value us as a genuine “sourcing partner”; in other words, we support our customers in the research and development of new products that are based on the use of natural fibres.

Code of conduct

Please find our code of conduct as follows: Code of conduct WGC