During our long history, new approaches have had to be found time and again in order to successfully adapt to transformations in international trade and the resulting challenges. Long-standing business relationships have served us well on every occasion and we shall not tire of sourcing, establishing and maintaining new ones with the same level of vigour and reliability.
In our opinion, local presence at the source is vital for a company operating on an international scale. Our subsidiary in Dhaka and a permanent representation in Kolkata, as well as in other sourcing countries, ensure a continuous exchange of information and experiences.
On the customer side, we are now represented in all major markets and can be contacted at any time via our local contact partners. Given that individual markets are subject to different demand cycles, we are able to reconcile our customers’ interests with those of our long-term suppliers.
We enjoy a high level of confidence and goodwill among our suppliers, which is not least due to the equal distribution of demand and the continuity that these facts create.

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